Sarah Watts earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Classics (honours) and Film Studies from the University of Victoria; she has two Master of Arts degrees (Religious Studies/Biblical archaeology and Art History) from the University of Toronto. While working on her first MA she started her own freelance editorial services company; her clients range from professional journalists, medical students and university students. She worked as a research assistant while completing her Master’s in Art History. She is familiar with MLA and Chicago style guidelines, and is open to working with other styles. Her skills lie in academic writing, as well as editing papers in both science and the humanities. She will not only edit the documents but will also provide constructive criticism, if necessary.

The following services are offered (services vary, please contact for additional information):

  • Editorial
  • Research
  • Peer review
  • Transcription
  • Research

Having worked for well-respected companies such as the CBC, the Canadian Council of Churches, Yap Films (a documentary film company) and Twentieth Century Fox, she has utilized her background in academia and media to conduct research, edit scripts, transcribe, draft business documents as well as complete award submissions. Her extensive academic background is complemented with her professional experience, working as a coordinator and researcher in film and television production, running her own editorial services company and administrating an international summit.


For a variety of musings and other topics, please visit my other blog, “A Liberal Education“.  Enjoy!

To contact, please email koinepublishing@gmail.com


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